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The software only offers automatic tax filing in 14 states so compliance issues are more likely to pop up if you have to go through the process manually. Plus there are no staff available to advise you on compliance. Customers like Wave Payroll’s simple interface and say it’s easy for those without accounting experience to run payroll. They’ve also commented on the automatic generation of tax forms being a handy feature.

  • For some of its features, the software will walk you through the process (such as setting up your account).
  • There’s also a “Review this payroll” button that can give you a glance of your current payroll and the total payroll amount.
  • These 14 states include tax services with the option to automatically transfer tax payments and file the paperwork with your state tax office and the IRS (this excludes 1099 Filings).

Wave Payroll is best for small businesses with very simple payroll needs. As a Wave add-on, it integrates all the information into your Wave Accounting software, making bookkeeping and payroll accounting a breeze. Users love its simple-to-use interface, even if some features take a few more steps to complete. And while it offers workers’ comp and an employee portal, it lacks benefits options and HR tools that similar providers offer. However, it’s still a good option for Wave Accounting users who need efficient payroll tools. When we evaluate payroll software for small businesses, we look at pricing and ease of use.


You can integrate the two solutions to unearth new insights into your business. For example, you could compare payroll costs per hour to sales transactions. This data could illustrate timeframes that you can reduce staffing. A well-regarded name in the payroll and HR software realm, Gusto delivers more than just payroll processing. Let’s cut to the chase; the platform doesn’t provide worker benefit packages. Sure, it can handle deductions from paychecks, but you’ll need to separately source health insurance offerings — among other items — for your staff.

For comparison, many competitors require technical knowledge to link third-party programs. As a result, Wave’s seamless integrations are a breath of fresh air. With Wave Payroll, businesses can customize their payroll schedules. While ADP and others also provide this ability, Wave offers it at a much more affordable price.

How Wave Payroll Compares With Top Alternatives

There’s an automated tax filing option if you live and pay workers in specific states; otherwise, you’ll have some paperwork to do. Onboarding new employees is easy with Wave Payroll, thanks to the self-serve employee portal. Your workers can complete their profiles, enter personal and tax deduction info themselves and they can view pay stubs and tax forms by logging into the system. Wave Payroll is a cloud-based software that helps small businesses run payroll and calculate and file payroll taxes.

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For an estimate of the fees you would pay using Wave Payroll, input the plan you want to get and the number of employees you have. Use our online calculator to compute the estimated monthly and annual fees. For example, if you cancel your Wave Payroll plan in September, you should reactivate your subscription the following January to generate year-end tax reports. If you’ve narrowed your search down to a few payroll providers but still can’t decide, read our guide on choosing the best payroll solution for help. Laura started writing about personal finance in early 2018 when she took a sabbatical from her career in human resources and launched a blog discussing her journey.

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While it offers a reasonably priced option for small businesses, it is lacking in some features compared to competitors and only offers tax filing services in 14 states. If you’re on the Tax Service States plan but prefer to handle payroll tax payments and filings yourself, Wave Payroll will allow you to downgrade your plan. Unfortunately, there won’t be any change to your monthly fees.

Not to mention the stress of worrying about making errors and winding up in a tax audit (yikes!).Payroll software saves you time so you can focus on the best parts of running your business. And, in the long run, a payroll software like Wave’s can save you a lot of money and help you avoid tax penalties by reducing human error (and who doesn’t love saving money?). Unlike most small business payroll systems, which streamline the process of managing PTO applications, Wave Payroll doesn’t have the capability to request and approve leave transactions online. You have to separately track PTO and input the number of approved leave hours into its online timesheets for pay processing.

You can set up integrations, or zaps, to apps like Toggl, Stripe, Gmail and Dubsado. Our (non-judgmental) team of bookkeeping, accounting, and payroll experts is standing by to coach you—or do the work for you. Give your customers the option of paying with one click using a credit card, bank transfer, or Apple Pay. In self-service states (all other 36 states) posting in accounting — definition and meaning does not make payments or file on your behalf. Only pay for what you use and simplify annual audits with workers’ comp built for small business owners. Preply corporate training is designed for teams and businesses offering personalized language learning with online tutors.

It also provides employees with a portal to access and update their information. Both packages come with the same payroll features, like multiple pay schedules, free direct deposits, paid time off (PTO) accruals, employee self-service tools, and tax payment reminders. If your company is in one of the 14 states where it offers automated tax services, then you get its Tax Service States plan. If not, then you’re under its Self Service States option, in which you handle tax payments and filings yourself.